Will Goat Milk Soap Expire??

I don't know about you, but when I find a beauty product that my body loves, I want to purchase more than just a bar or two...I want to stock up!  So when you find something like our all natural goat milk beauty line, of course you're going to ask "will our goat milk soap go bad? Is there an expiry date on them?"

My Happy Body team and I are always coming up with new ideas, and creating new product lines using, yes of course, goat milk!!! So it's no surprise, this is one of our most commonly asked questions.

And we are happy to answer them for you!!

No, our goat milk soap products will not go bad, nor do they have an expiry date on them. Our goat milk soaps cannot spoil after it's been heated and hardened.  But, our soaps are all natural and free from preservatives, so over time they will decrease in size, and can/will "sweat", producing water beads on the outer layer of our bars, which is very natural. 

This is due to the fact that goat milk is 99% water, and with zero additives to our products, it leaves us with 99% goat milk! As we all know, humidity evaporates water, which in turn our bars will sweat, leaving us with a potentially 20% smaller bar...but does this make our soaps go bad?? 

NO!! It's just nature pulling out one of the soap ingredients...just water!!

So let our Happy Body Collection make your Body Happy!! We're looking forward to surprising you with some of our new products coming soon!! 


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