Our Story

How Happy Body Collection came to be…

Cross Wind Farms Happy Body Collection was literally stumbled upon.

I wish I could give a more elaborate entrepreneurial story but it is the truth!

Struggling with oily skin my whole life I sought out products to dry my skin, then our daughter was born. I was happy that she did not inherit my oily skin issues, BUT she instead developed the chronic dry skin of her father! This was difficult for me as a mother because our our skin was so different, I didn't know how to help her! After she was a few years the extreme dry skin issues began surfacing. Including the dreaded red blotches Mackenzie, unfortunately, was affected on several areas of her body. I wanted to be so careful to do the right thing for her but at a young age there was not much available that was all natural! So I started my research. If you could imagine, at the same time we were developing our farm (Cross Wind Farm) into a goat dairy farm and guess what – I had the answer literally in my back yard!

Mackenzie was bathed in pure goat milk and the results were amazing! A simple and natural product that seemingly solved her issues. Now she is 14, I can honestly say she no longer bathes in goat milk but continues with our goat milk skin products that I created on a daily basis. For her and others it seems to be a wonderful solution. When I see pictures from clients of the difference our products have made in their lives I am so thrilled that we stumbled upon this solution for us to share with others!

Our soap was launched initially at our local farmers market and once our on farm store was up and running it became very much in demand. Our product line to date has been created by demand from customers enjoying our products and seeing the difference goat milk can make – we simply listen and respond.

In 2015, we had outgrown our space on our farm. When the farm beside us became available we realized this would be a great new home for our Happy Body Collection. Now with more room we decided to give this line what it deserved – its own new branding. We shifted and officially launched our new line of beauty products, with our new name Happy Body Collection in 2016 celebrating with our e-commerce site!

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them!