Why Goat Milk?

    Highlights of my research revealed 

    • Goats milk contains natural lactic acid which contributes as a stabilizer, gentle PH level, which is also known as an alpha hydroxyl acid ( AHA ) which gently sloughs off dead skin cells and helps hydrate and brighten skin.
    • Not too alkaline or acidic in composition which makes the goat milk an ideal element for dry skin
    • Goats milk has a short strand protein structure which allows it be easily absorbed into our skin
    • Goats milk is rich in essential fatty acids and triglycerides. The fatty acids have a unique PH very similar to humans – and are super moisturizing
    • Goats milk also contains precious skin minerals like selenium and is loaded with vitamins, particularly Vitamin A – the most important vitamin for our skin

    Wanting to try but not sure where to start - I would suggest trying our Natural soap bar for your body along with our Natural Body Butter for getting out of the shower and of course our Natural Facial Cleanse -  no essential oils added for scent, no botanicals added and no vegetable coloring added! Just a pure line to get you started the same way we did in our family.

    I guess there was truth in the fable that Cleopatra had a beauty secret - Her secret was not revealed in hieroglyphics nor has an ancient papyrus come to light uncovered by an archaeologist digging in the Valley of the Queens. It is a well-known fact that ancient peoples drank goat milk rather than cow milk and we suspect that Cleo bathed her seductive body in the milk of Nubian goats.

    If it worked for The Queen of The Nile, it could work for you!

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