Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Happy Body

Meet Mackenzie Hope and her mom Cindy Hope, the mother-daughter duo behind the Happy Body Collection.

What drove you to create Happy Body together?

 CH - Out of necessity originally for Mackenzie – her skin needed the moisture and nutrients and I could not get my head around using products with chemicals on an infant - then as years went on and chatting with others it was clear we needed to share! Mackenzie can be credited for separating the beauty products from our farm and coming up with the company name of Happy Body Collection.

 MH –  Having used it at a very young age, it's all I knew.  I would receive gifts of other products and once using them once or twice I always came back to our products – it made my skin “happy” and “healthy” and “collection”  would allow us to create a full line!

What does collaboration look like for you?

 CH - Diversity! In my experience skill set and expertise is only a part of a successful business.  The personalities and experiences that we bring to the table gives us an opportunity to learn from each other.  I learn from Mackenzie every day – her ideas embrace a much younger generation and I can not even begin to grasp the technological world we live in today.

 What roles have you played in building the business over the years?

 MH – Creativity! I love the chance to be creative and think I have been able to do that with mom over the years – I can remember the two of us over a bowl of soap as mom sparingly poured essential oils in and the two of us arguing,  well I guess debating if there was enough scent! It was fun – but I love that creative part of the business.  Mom brings the leadership and organization for us.

What are the best parts of working together?

CH – The energy is endless!! Mother-daughter relationships do not come without conflict, as we live together and work together every day but the energy drives us and keeps us focused.

Any favourite memories together?

CH – Many for me – but if I can summarize them – it is the joy of standing back at functions/ shows/ events and watching Mackenzie interact with customers and explaining the products we have developed.  She has been doing that since she was 10 and then to see how adults not only reacted to her age and the information – is just amazing! So I have many memories!

Any proud achievements?

MH – when we got an invitation to attend the Toronto International Film Festival – to think somehow our product ended up in California, and they sought us out. Mom got the email and ignore it as she thought it was SPAM mail, then a second email and she showed me and we both thought SPAM mail.  Then a phone call to our home – that was pretty amazing.

 CH – every time we get an email, comment on our social media platforms, private message, direct message of customers telling us how much our products mean to them, how much they love a product and feedback of any kind for that matter – that to me is our report card and makes me super proud.

How do you run the business together and maintain a bond, despite challenges and stress a running a business can cause?

CH - WE TALK, AND WE TALK AND WE TALK SOME MORE! We have both learned that if we communicate we can help alleviate stress, overcome challenges and keep strong together.  We both agree we are very passionate people and the best way we can harness that passion is to keep the talk flowing….

What about your mom and daughter inspires you?

CH – there were so many things about my mom that inspired me growing up.  The ones that jump out at me was her love of family – always putting others first and the ability to always include others into our home with love in the most welcoming way.   Her endless strength – she was the strongest woman I have ever met.  And her ability to embrace change and never miss a beat! 

How has Happy Body made you closer? 

CH - We were very fortunate for a period of time to have my mother join us in the soap house.  To have 3 generations all working under one roof for a few hours every day was chaotic! Loud but the best all at the same time! Life lessons shared – not just business lessons but just “girl talk” – those times I will never forget and feel so blessed that Mackenzie had that time with us both. 

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