What’s lurking in “store bought” soap?

Very good question.

The list is long but I can summarize it up in 9 key points.

As I have shared my story as to how I got the itch (no Pun intended) to make my own products – which was solely to help my daughters skin – there are 9 key points below , in my opinion, that will lead you to move towards using handmade soaps exclusively vs any commercially produced product.

These “commercially produced” soaps may contain the following items:

  1. SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) – is an anionic detergent and surfactant which can be very harmful to our eyes and is harsh on our skin. It is a very inexpensive foaming agent, and can be found in many cleaning agents
  2. Oils used in soap making are drawn out by solvents and sold to soap makers at a very inexpensive cost (Hint; They are used to dissolve grease, oil, and paint)
  3. Surfactants ex. Dodecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide ( DTAB ) or SLS allow soap manufacturers to make very cheap soap that lathers and cleans well. However they are excessively drying and can cause reactions in skin such as acute dermatitis
  4. Soap hardeners
  5. Petroleum products
  6. Artificial coloring
  7. Preservatives
  8. Palm Oil – which is grown on cleared orangutan habitats and it is believed that these habitats are precious and should be protected. By using food grade oils it allows for a superior standard of soap and often medicinal or aromatherapy based
  9. No ingredients with long chemical names! You should know and trust the ingredients you are putting on your skin.

That’s my list of 9 reasons why NOT to buy any soap other than Hand Made soap.

When you read the ingredients list on all of our Happy Body Collection items, including our very own farm-sourced goat milk, you can take comfort in knowing they are the very best for you and your family! After all, if they didn’t work for us, we wouldn’t sell them.

So go on, get Soapy.


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