Want something fun and flirty for the summer? Try our Pink Sugar Body Butter!

The lazy days of summer are truly upon us! With record breaking temperatures and crazy humidity this summer, it is not only creating havoc on our fields these days, but definitely on our skin.

When we developed our Pink Sugar Body Butter last year, we decided to break a few barriers and create a thicker composition than I was making for my family.  This thicker butter works well to replenish the skins ph level, when your skin has a little moisture left on after showering.  We find it soaks in leaving your body feeling completely replenished and hydrated, with such a natural silk feeling.  The comments I have received from the success of our body butter include:

  • It is not greasy!
  • It is super silky and leaves my skin feeling refreshed for days
  • Not just after bathing – I have a jar in my car, in my office drawar at  work, and in my gardening room!

Our body butter is a great way to tackle the effects the sun and heat can play on our skin.

All of our body butters are bursting with nourishing goat milk properties for your skin during these sun filled days of summer and our Pink Sugar Body Butter provides you with a hint of flowers and fun!

Although I recommend applying after a shower...... let’s face it – it is great anytime!

Pick up your very own Pink Sugar Body Butter today!



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