The Truth About Lye

My Happy Body Team and I are always working hard, keeping everyone updated with our new products, new specials, answering all of your questions and concerns. 

One of the most recent questions I've been asked was, "Does your soap products contain lye?" If so, "Why are you using such a harmful chemical in your products?"

These are very good questions, and we're happy to answer them for you!!
Yes, our soap contains a form of lye...sodium hydroxide, but not the lye directly itself. 
Lye is a strong chemical, deemed to be a harmful property used in the soap making process; but sodium hydroxide is a dwindled version of lye.  Throughout the heating process when making soap, the sodium hydroxide diffuses from the mixture, which means it's not included in our end product. This process is called saponification, a process essential to making soap.

So therefore, our soap products are made with a form of lye, but does NOT contain lye. We use all of the most up to date methods, measures, and mixtures, ensuring all lye is consumed from our products.

I hope this gives all of my loyal customers, and new customers to come, some peace of mind. My happy body team and I are always striving to ensure everyone leaves  with a happy mind, and your body happy!!


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