Organic essential Oil vs Organic fragrance Oil

My Happy Body team and I, pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality, and the most natural of beauty products for all skin types. But, when some consumers read our ingredient labels, they question “fragrance oil”, and so you should!

Fragrance oils are manufactured/artificial scents, designed to mimic the scents of a natural product (such as pear fragrance oil). So how can it be said, we produce all-natural products?? Well I can assure you, we do!!

Our team and I use only organic essential oils, and “organic fragrance” oils. Our all natural, organic fragrances are made entirely from a combination of natural isolates and essential oils. Ok, so what is a natural isolate?? To put this in simple terms, it’s a molecule that’s been removed (isolated) from a natural fragrance material, which contains the isolate. Our natural fragrance oils are fusions of isolates that results in many of the exact same processes used to obtain our essential oils. The difference is extracting the complete compound (essential oil), or a single molecule (natural isolate/fragrance oil).

So no need to worry, my Happy Body Team and I will continue to provide you with the most natural of products to keep your Body Happy!!


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