Goat Meat

Goat MeatAfter all it is the most widely consumed red meat in the world...
Millions of Canadians are from ethnic cultures that traditionally eat goat meat

A healthy alternative...
Less fat and cholesterol than chicken or any other red meat

Excellent flavour...
If you like lamb, you will love our goat meat!

At Cross Wind Farm we pride ourselves in our delicious mouth watering goat meat
Extremely mild in flavour, tender and lean. Our premier meat comes from excellent breeding stock of mostly Boer goats...just recently adding Nubian/Boer cross to the line up. Our meat goats are raised outside in nice weather – and spoiled inside during off days.

We produce boneless and bone-in stewing goat, ground goat, shank, ribs, boneless leg roasts, shoulder chops, loin chops, and offal. We're best known for our unique tender sausages- 100% goat in savory flavour combinations. 

Just added March 2012 - 100% goat breakfast sausage in Our own "Farmers Blend" flavour!

Our meat is sold frozen and prices per lb vary based on the cut. Whole goat, and half goat orders are also available. Meat nutritional informationFresh orders can be accommodated upon request.