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5 Benefits Of Goat Milk Soap

We often take companies at their word, that they are providing us a good product that is good for our health. In the soap business, many people wash their skin with soaps that are made mostly with water. We have seen the dramatic effects in our home and from our customers, from the benefits of using soap make with goat milk. It's excellent benefit for people with dry and/or sensitive skin, along with other skin ailments. Even if you don't have any skin condition, goat milk soap will leave your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. I wanted to list 5 benefits of goat milk soap, that you may or may not know yet, to help you understand why we are...

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LOVE YOUR SKIN Contest - You could win $97 worth of our Products!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER: The Winner is Adrianne M. with runners up Nancy C. and Laurie E. We know how much fun summer is.......however, with so much play in the Sun, we wanted to help you love your skin by creating a contest.  Wouldn't it be great to win a $97 Value Gift Basket from Cross Wind Farm, with all the necessary ingredients to pamper yourself, including our brand new Soap trays and surprise gifts? Well, we thought it through and have come up with a contest.Here is how our contest will work:From today August 18, 2016, 12:01am EST to Sunday August 28, 2016 at 11:59pm EST, for every order made that is over $50, you will be entered into...

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What’s lurking in “store bought” soap?

Very good question. The list is long but I can summarize it up in 9 key points.As I have shared my story as to how I got the itch (no Pun intended) to make my own products – which was solely to help my daughters skin – there are 9 key points below , in my opinion, that will lead you to move towards using handmade soaps exclusively vs any commercially produced product. These “commercially produced” soaps may contain the following items: SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) – is an anionic detergent and surfactant which can be very harmful to our eyes and is harsh on our skin. It is a very inexpensive foaming agent, and can be found...

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